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My March Goals

This year is all about setting goals and getting organized and one of my yearly goals this year is to start blogging my monthly goals each month (accountability lol) so here I go. 

  • Figure out this editing crisis that I am going through. Have you ever felt like something was pulling you in the exact opposite direction of what you’ve been doing or where you’ve been going? Well that’s how my heart has been making me feel lately. For years I have been so in love with and drawn so strongly to those film-y, high contrast, matte images that define some photographer’s style. If you look at my Pinterest board it is filled with images that tell a story. Images that capture emotion and movement and feelings but I have always consistently produced a very bright and clean and soft edit for my clients with perfectly posed subjects which I know some of you love so much and I do too but I’ve been feeling kind of like I’ve hit an artistic wall lately and I’ve been experimenting and am starting to define a film look and style that alines with my own artistic visions and style and part of that makes me so so excited and part of that scares me a little lol. When you’ve been doing something that’s working for so long and that you love and that you’ve put so much energy into defining you find that it is really hard to give up the known to try and explore the unknown. Especially when everyone has always loved what you are doing and wants to pay you for it lol #keepingitreal. But I have been reminding myself that change is good and sometimes when you’re an artist change is necessary because change is sometimes what fuels and reignites creativity. And with that being said I’m really excited to start sharing some of my new work with you all. It’s exciting and scary but I’m just going to embrace these feelings I’ve been having and roll with it! Part of me wonders if anyone will even notice anyways lol.
  • Make a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly schedule and use it. 
  • Organize my dream lifestyle shoot and blog it. A big part of the lifestyle and film images that I have been loving is how intimately they capture their subject’s story and emotion without interrupting life. The images are filled with close candid moments, more motion, and sometimes they are messy and raw and I love that. One of my big goals for this month is to do my first lifestyle shoot and to let my creativity and how I direct my clients flow instead of posing and perfecting little details like I am used to. I want to capture the beauty in every day life and I am really excited to get to work on this.
  • Plan the boys’ birthday party. So I am like the worst planner in the world and I am always have these big ideas but don’t actually ever end up making them happen but I already told my grandma that on March 19th we are having a big birthday party for the boys so this year it is happening. Now someone please help me lol because it’s March 2nd already and I have nothing planned. 

I hope that you enjoyed reading my monthly goals! Have a fabulous March everyone.

xoxoxoxo Tara 

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