My Favorite Locations

For Clients

“Where should we do our session at?!” is one of the most frequently asked questions that I get so I put together this blog post for you filled with my absolute favorite session locations. I think where we go for your session makes all the difference in how your pictures turn out and the “feel” your session has so if you look through these and still don’t see the perfect location idea just let me know and tell me more about your style and your vision for your pictures and I will make more suggestions 🙂 If the location name is underlined click on it for more information/a sample gallery from that location.

Beach options: 


All time favorites: 


Other fun ideas:

  • Ice cream at your favorite spot
  • Pizza on a roof top
  • Waldameer
  • The Zoo
  • Your favorite date spot
  • Your house
  • The arcade
  • Downtown


Indoor locations (*must be scheduled in advance and a separate rental fee of $65 will be added):

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